Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How To Make Super Voluminous Curls

It is easy to get voluminous curls when the right processes are used. First a person will need to work with the right shampoo and conditioner materials. A weightless shampoo and a conditioner that is made with volume in mind should be used at this point. A strength mousse can be added to the hair roots.

Jennifer Lopez - Voluminous Curls

This can work to help ensure that the hair will be strong enough to work with voluminous curls. A curling iron can work but it will be better if it is smaller in size. A smaller curling iron will not generate as much heat and will work to create better details with one’s curls. This is a good thing to do when one’s hair is naturally straight and does not have too many natural curls to work with.

Tila Tequila - Curls with Volume

After a person’s hair is dry it should be separated with one’s fingers and then smoothed out. It will help to avoid using a comb in this process. This is because it can cause the hair to become stressed out. A holding spray can then be used to get the curls to stay intact. This will work to make sure that curls will look their best.

Super Voluminous Curls