Saturday, August 7, 2010

Short Updo Hairstyles: How to Style Updos for Short Hair

There are a wide range of options to style updos for short hair. This is because there are a lot of definitions for what constitutes short hair. Depending on who you talk to, short hair can be anywhere from the top of the ear to the bottom of the jaw line. At that length, it is possible to get your hair into a pony tail. If you can manage that, then you updo possibilities are endless. Even if you can’t manage a pony tail there are many ways to style updos for short hair.
short hair updos
Curl can be a great way to style updos for short hair. After you wash your hair, add some product before you begin to blow dry it. While you are drying it, use your fingers to create body. If you use a brush you risk major damage to your locks. Once your hair is dry, start rolling it up in hot rollers. Use smaller rollers on the top and on larger rollers in the back. Hot rollers should stay in your hair until they are cool to the touch. Remove them and give your hair at least another ten minutes to cool down on its own. Arrange your curls with your fingers to give your head a whimsical, tousled look. The younger crowd can add jeweled butterfly clips to complete this styled updo for short hair.

Braids are another method that can be used to style updos for short hair. Give your hair a deep side part. On the section that is larger, start a French braid or a French fishtail braid about an inch from the part. Don’t worry about the flyaways now, you’ll smooth them in at the end. When you reach the end of your hair, tuck and pin the end underneath. The braid on the other side should start just above your ear and terminate in the same manner. Depending on the occasion, add a touch of elegance at the back by pinning in a fresh flower. While there are many other ways to style updos for short hair, these are two of the most elegant options.
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