Monday, July 12, 2010

Celebrity Hairstyles For Long Shaped Faces

Do you have a long or oblong face shape? Are you in search of a right hairstyle for long faces? Then you are in the right place to get your answers.

Women with long shaped faces can try different hairstyles fashions that suits them most.A long face with a bad hairstyle can make a woman look older.

So, choosing the right hair styles for long faces is vital step to look younger and fashionable.There are a number of great haircuts on long faces but not every hairstyles suits everyone. You may want a cute long hairstyle that can make you look thin and slimmer.

First, you should avoid the hairstyles that are too short or too long for any long face.Avoid any hairstyle that needs cutting hair on forehead as it elongates your face length and makes your face look even longer.

If you have straight hair you can opt to add bangs to your hair to make your face look sexy and younger. You must try to create more width on your sides.

Avoid going for flat bangs as going up or down a bit can spoil the charming look.Long side swept bangs makes your face look less longer covering up most of your forehead.

Another ideas for long face hairstyles is going for curly haircuts with waves.Curly hairstyles add width to long narrow faces making them a better option to consider in different fashions.